Ralph Feldman Biographicals
Correspondence and Documents
Over the Years
Date From To Summary GO
2001 and 2002     Documents and Concept Drawings of Proposed FDNY Memorial at WTC Ground Zero. GO"
1976 thru 1996     Letter proposing monument to firefighters who fell in the 23rd Street fire, October 17, 1966, and Photo of the completed monument on permanent exhibit at St. John the Divine's. GO"
10/21/2002 Ralph Feldman   Imagine New York Online Gallery Application and Resume. GO"
10/16/2002 Municipal Art Society of New York Ralph Feldman Invitation to exhibit concepts and plans to MASNY's Imagine New York Projectg. GO"
10/10/2002 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Ralph Feldman Proposals for World Trade Center Memorial Project must be resubmitted for consideration after start date for contest. GO"
10/07/2002 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Ralph Feldman Explains process, guidelines and rules for competition involving WTC Memorial Project. GO"
08/27/2002 FDNY Ralph Feldman Thanks for proposals concerning WTC memorial, and notice that FDNY will forward suggestions to Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. GO"
07/01/2002 U.S. Interior Dept.
National Park Service
Ralph Feldman Thanks for letter to George W. Bush about World Trade Center Memorial Project. GO"
06/04/2002 NYC Deputy Mayor
Patricia E. Harris
Ralph Feldman Thanks for proposals for World Trade Center Memorial Project. GO"
05/03/2002 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Ralph Feldman Thanks for submission of concepts and plans to World Trade Center Memorial Project. GO"
04/10/2002 Episcopal Diocese of New York Ralph Feldman Acknowledgment that proposal for Fire Fighters Memorial has been received and will be considered by the Dean for display at St. John's Cathedral. GO"
06/15/2001 Dennis Smith
for Manhattan Institute
Ralph Feldman Thanks for World Trade Center Memorial Proposal, and expression of agreement that there should be a separate memorial for the Fire Fighters. GO"
08/08/1998     Ralph Feldman Photographed in New York Times with salaged Torah at 8th Street Shul. GO"
Winter 1996     Photo of Sculptue at St. John the Divine's Church commemorating Fire Fighters who fell putting out the 23rd Wtte of Oct. 17, 1966.. GO"
10/09/1996     Ralph Feldman in Photograph with Fire Commissioner and others. GO"
10/23/1986 Chapel Players   "The Candy Store"-A new absurd ethnic Rock Musical, and Forbidden Fashion Show. GO"
10/08/1986 &nbap;   20th Anniversary Fire Department media coverage of aftermath and Ralph Feleman-sculpted memorial to 23rd Street Fire of Oct. 17, 1966. GO"
03/08/1985 FDNY Ralph Feldman Award on Retirement after 27 Years of Meritorious Service. GO"
01/1985 Construction Specification Institute
Shreveport Chapter
Spectator and Calendar
  Enthusiastically documenting seminar at which Ralph Feldman would lead. GO"
11/15/1984 John Stickwers
Director of Training
Bureau of Fire Investigation
Ralph Feldman
Fire Marshall (FM)
Invitation to instruct new Fire Marshalls. GO"
11/01/1984 W.L. Bostellmann
Shreveport Chapter
Fiber Master, Inc.
SFM John Stickevers Request for a capable speaker to conduct seminar. GO"
10/30/1984 FDNY   Certificate of Appreciation for work in Arson Investigation. GO"
07/24/1984 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Ralph Feldman Thanks for proposals about rebuilding and the memorial project at World Trade Center Site. GO"
07/13/1984 FDNY CFM John A. Regan Fire Marshall Ralph Feldman among thanked for job well done in producing and condicting Phase II of Chief Officers Development Course. GO"
11/21/1983 Edward W. Whalen

NY Board of Fire Underwriters
Fr. Ralph Feldman
Fire Marshall (FM)
Thanks for 29 training slides. GO"
10/23/1983 SFM John Stickevers Joseph M. DeMeo
Chief in Charge
Fire Prevention
Fire Marshall Ralph Feldman wishes to take test for Cerficate of Fitness in Pyrotechnics. GO"
Spectator and Calendar
  "The Bravest Are Artistic Too". GO"
01/05/1983 SFM John Stickwers CFM John A. Regan Fire Marshall Feldman assigned to take charge of training unit implentation. GO"
12/05/1982 Charles Poidomani
Director of Operations
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Ralph Feldman
Fire Marshall (FM)
Request for Certificate of Fitness Examination for Pyrotechnics, denied. GO"
12/05/1982 John Santiago
SFM Sqd 40 TF
John Stickwers, SFM Job well done in training lecture and slide show. Full day's lecture in 2 hours time! GO"
08/31/1982     Certification of Incorporation of Fine Arts Society of the New York Fire Department, Inc. GO"
08/31/1982 John B. Regan
Chief Fire Marshall (CFM)
John Drabeck
Supervising Fire Marshall (SFM)
Commendation for lecture and slide show. GO"
01/20/1982 Tokyo Fire Department Ralph Feldman Expression of appreciation of memorabilia sent by Ralph Feldman, shown along with materials celebrating the 100th Anniversary of te Tokyo Fire Service. GO"
05/02/1980 University of New Haven Ralph Feldman Certificate for completing course in Arson Investigation. GO"
End of 1978 FDNY Ralph Feldman Certificate of Merit for Service between June 15, 1977 to May 2, 1978. GO"
10/19/1978= Kiwanis Club of
Coney Island, Inc.
Ralph Feldman Certificate of Appreciation. GO"
10/01/1977 FDNY Ralph Feldman Certificate of Completion of Course in Basic Investigation. GO"
04/13/1976 FDNY Ralph Feldman Certificate of Merit. GO"
06/24/1975 Civil Service Leader   Highlightgs of CSREA Gallery exhibit. GO"
End of 1974 Fire Department Ralph Feldman Certificate of Merit Award for 1974. GO"
03/09/1974 Edmond Sims McCombs
a visitor from Minnesota
Office of the Fire Commissioner Commends Ralph Feldman for going into action when fire broke out across street from his apartment. GO"
03/09/1972 John A. Heneghan
Captain, Engine Co. 45
To whom it may concern General Commendation in job performance. GO"
03/08/1972 John Brill, Jr.
Admnistrator, Department of Fire Investigation
City Chemical Corporation Authorization to purchase chemicals for FDNY training. GO"
03/08/1972 William Bohmer
Battalion Chief, 18 Bn Gr 7
To whom it may concern General Commendation in Community-Fire Department Bridge Building. GO"
06/07/1971 Herbert F. Whyte
Deputy Assistant Chief
Community Relations Bureau
Ralph Feldman Thanks for participation in FDNY-Youth Dialogues Program. GO"
02/01/1957 Construction Specification Institute Ralph Feldman Construction Specification Institute
inductes Ralph Feldman as a Professional Member.
  FDNY Ralph Feldman Certificate of Completion of FDNY Course in Advanced Forensics. GO"