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8th Street Shul Correspondence
(under construction)
Date From To Summary GO
  Alexis Grey Sheldon Sliver "A special sanctuary for people to congregate, socialize and worship." Save 8th St. Shul. GO"
  Zerba Davis To whom It May Concern Saving the 8th St. Shul enriches the lives of us all. GO"
  Rachael Fried
Rabbi Fried's daughter.
Sheldon Sliver Toddler takes marker in hand to writed to save the 8th St. Shul. GO"
  Adam Cowan Sheldon Silver "A light in a community of darkness." Save the 8th St. Shul. GO"
Dec. 7, 1997 Dory Bergman Sheldon Silver Chanukah party, children lighting Menorahs, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, Jews and non-Jews, all getting along. Save the 8th Street Shul! GO"
Jun. 20, 1996 Milton Fechter Sheldon Sliver "Now 317 East 8th Street is not only a synagogue, but a religious/Judaic center, as well, a fine building and no longer an eyesore." GO"
Jun. 17, 1997 Jeremy Bell
Dean Witter
"Dear Neighbor" Personal finance conference at 8th St. Shul GO"
Dec. 7, 1996 David Koral Sheldon Silver Enjoying Mon. evenings with concerts, religious services and classes. Save the 8th St. Shul! GO"
Dec. 3, 1996 Bracha Din Sheldon Sliver "I honor people who come to teach and learn in a living and balancerd way ... a spiritual path to the New Age Jews of the Village." Save the 8th Street Shul! GO"
Dec. 2, 1996 Simin Farlehondeh Sheldon Sliver Preserve much-needed synagogue on the Lower East Side. GO"
Dec. 2, 1997 Prentoulis, Zoe Gerecht, Ash
National Center to Encourage Judaism
Thanks for reimbursement for successful classes in 7 laws of Noah, outreach. Some converts, including a Muslim couple. GO"
Dec. 16, 1996 8th St. Shul Josh Kaplan Bar Mitzvah Congratulations. Performed Sat., Dec. 14, 1996, at the 8th Street Shul. GO"
Nov. 20, 1996 Gutkin, Mishi Sheldon Silver Save shul open to Jews and non-Jews. Real community center. Remnant of Jewish culture in the Lower East Side. GO"
Nov. 20, 1997 Silvia Orlen Sheldon Silver 8th St. Shul unites community and creates warmth.. GO"
Nov. 13, 1996 Ralph Feldman Dep't of Bldgs
Administrative Enforcement
Premises restored, to accommodate full function of Synagogue, as of August 30, 1995. GO"
Aug. 30, 1996 Brian Farrell Sheldon Sliver We the Freedom Narcotics Anonymous and similar Twelve Steps have home in 8th St. Shul. Save the 8th Street Shul. GO"
Jun. 6, 1996 Aharon Pinchas Grundman To whom it may concern Once a crumbling structure that housed drug addicts and homeless people is now a solid, rebuilt facility. The 8th Street Shul is very much alive and buzzing with activity. I urge anyone who can to withold any possible assistance from the 8th St. Shul. We must all do whatever we can to save it. GO"
June 1996 Ralph Feldman Dear friends "It is now our turn to show that we care and appreciate the work to save the Shul." Please donate. GO"
May. 25, 1996 Lehman Weichselbaum "To the World" East Village Countercutlure New Age Judaism Synagogue must stay open! GO"
Apr. 10, 1996 Glen Davis
Spectra Photo/Digital
Ralph Feldman Thanks for great mitzvah, giving back to community without looking for return, and thanks for letting us help. GO"
Mar. 25, 1996 Rabbi Sol Wertheiner
Chevra Mishmeres Hakodesh
To Whom It May Concern Jewish Preservation and restoration business offers services. GO"
Mar. 24, 1996 Clayton Patterson Jewish Week Correction of wrong, negative and undermining article. GO"
Mar. 18, 1996 Joyce Anderson
PC Network Consulting
Whom it May Concern Leave this significant institution intact for present and future generations. GO"
Mar. 18, 1996 Joseph M. Pogostin
& Judith Gailhard
Attorneys at Law
Congregation Bnei Moses Joseph Attorney is shocked at the vehemence and vindictiveness with which absentee congregants assert their claims to property ownership in order to close down reborn Jewish culture and Shul. GO"
Mar. 18, 1996 Kesk Kelly To whom it may concern This edifice has been restored and refurbished by Mr. Ralph Feldman at his own cost to keep a neighbgorhood dream alive. Let the synagogue stand! GO"
Mar. 13, 1996 Rev. Daniel Ringhoff Congregation Bnei Moses Joseph Protestant Minister admires Shul work, asks Hands Off, No Demolition! GO"
Feb. 23, 1996 Beth Sopko To whom it may concern "I look forward to participating in the repirth of this great holy place". GO"
Feb. 22, 1996 Deborah Ruderman, RN Nossi Fogel and Family Ralph Feldman has repaired Synagogue, which has become vital community insititution. Stop trying to shut us down! GO"
Aug. 23, 1995 Nussin S. Fogel
Congregation Bnei Moses Joseph
Ralph Feldman We appreciate you from the past, but now ask you to get out.. GO"
Sep. 27, 1995 Rabbi Jeffrey Wartenberg
Tifereth Yisrael Rabbinical Yeshiva
Rabbi Shlomo Fried-Ungar
(Brother of Rabbi Yitzhak)
Yoreh Yoreh Smiches. GO"