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Party Type Summary GO
Clayton Patterson Affirmation in Opposition History of the 8th Street Shul, the dereliction of the Plaintiffs, Clayton Patterson's role in the case, along with those of Ralph Feldman and Rabbi Yitzhak Fried.
Clayton Patterson Answer to Plaintiff's
Affirmation in Opposition
Building must belong to the City because of outstanding back taxes, and recommends it be sold to Graffitti Baptist Church with stipulation that it remain an active Orthodox Synagogue of the same branch asa originally founded with the functions and activities it had revived to continue. Price should be $50,000, the same as what GBC paid for the 7th Street Shul building. Contains an enumeration of activities, both religious and community, both Jewish and non-denominational. Connection between the Grand Street gang plaintiffs suing to shut the synagogue and sell it into real estate and the gentrification of the neighborhood.
Plaintiff Attorney
Howard Schneider
with added foot-
notes by
Clayton Patterson providing Answer
Notice of Motion Announces the case of the Plaintiffs, suing the Defendants who repaired the building at their own exoense, and restored the Shul to an active synagogue for 1) $1,000,000 in "damages", 2) demanding the shutting down of the 8th Street Shul as a functioning synagogue, and 3) pushing for its sale into secular real estate.
Sydney Turkeltaub
official President of
the Plaintiff 
Affirmation Claims that the synagogue had to be closed as congregation dwindled from the 1950s and unable to form the quorum of 10 males needed for Orthodox services. Denies the revival of the Synagogue and dismisses its activities. Asserts that repairs to building are in fact damages. Dishonestly claims that the repair work was never authorized. Pushes claim to ownership titles as justification to sell the building and order that its repair be halted, and that it cease to be a religious-oriented building. Dubiously claims to have contacted all members of the original congregatiuon and receiveed unanimous approval for the sale. Charges that opening a ank account to finance repair and function of Shul amount to "forgery". Tacitly admits that Plaintiffs' dereliction had rendered the building "abgandoned".
Plaintiff Attorney
Howard Schneider
with added foot-
notes by
Clayton Patterson
of Law
Seeks to justify selling the synagogue by tracing history of property title to the formation of a membership organization in 1912 and a religious corporation in 1914, modified by a merger in 1952. Attacks defendants for repairing the building, restoring it as a synagogue also functioning as a community organization. and seeking to prevent its sale into real estate, and demands Defendants' ejectment, so that sale into real estate can go on. 
Ralph Feldman, 
former firefighter, 
artist, carpenter
and constructionist,
who undertook 
total repair of 
Shul building. 
at own expense.
Answer to 
Denial of False Allegations contained in complaint and subsequent documents b Plaintiffs.
Leo Greenblum Affirmation Details how he mailed a check to the 8th Street Shul, supposedly intending to make a legitimate donation of $18, but in reality in order to establish that the new Congregation had set up a bank account to repair and operate the Shul, which the defunct Plaintiff's ex-Congregation refuses to do. With this contrived "evidence", Plaintiffs try to smear Defeendants with "forgery".
Asher Fogel Affirmation Son of Abraham Fogel, 30-year Vice President of defunct Plaintiff's Congregaton, who had visited the reborn 8th Street Shul and was positive and excited about the revival he saw. Asher, the son, implies that this wasa due to "diminished mental capacity" since father's stroke. Asserts that no one but Sidney Turkeltaub, President of the defunct Plaintiffs' congregation can speak for the congregation.
Abraham Fogel
Father of Asher
Fogel (above),
forty-year VP
of Plaintiffs' 
who visited
Shul functions
and had a
great time,
but apparently
would not 
stand in the way
of his son cashing
Affirmation Renouncing his earlier support for the revival of the 8th Street Shul. Now considers it an attempt to steal the building. Says he was "appalled at what I saw," gbut does not say exactly what it was that he saw and found appalling. He now claims to be upset for his name being included on the letterhead of the revived 8th Street Shul.
Ray Owens
Real Estate
Broker trying
to sell Shul.
Affidavit Complains that Ralph Feldman allegedly changed locks and that he, Owens, was not allowed to enter building, but was able to do so after getting Police escort, when in fact the building was open to all and everyone.
Howard Schneider Affidavit Claims that Ralph Feldman is just trying to make the building his own. Claims that Mr. Leo Goldblum, above, would never have had the intention to donate monies to ber apprpriated by the new congregants, which seems to imply absurdly that Goldblum was not familiar with the debate when he mailed the check.